Did you know that including eaves on your new home offers many benefits to your living conditions other than simply contributing to the overall “look” or “style” of the façade?

At Diverse Builders we include 450mm wide eaves as standard to all our plans. Whilst this does add a minimal cost to your contract price we believe that the energy savings you will experience, along with the following benefits gives you far greater value for money than not having them. As with all our plans ultimately you have the control to remove eaves if you wish, however we encourage you to consider the long-term worth they will add to your new home.

What value do eaves bring to your home?

  • They offer shade to your windows in the heat of summer whilst still allowing the warmth in during the winter months, reducing the need to turn on your heater or air-conditioner. Your home will be more energy efficient, will reduce your carbon footprint and best of all keep money in your pocket.
  • They protect your furniture, window and floor coverings. Direct summer sun can fade furniture, carpets and curtains. These can be expensive items you don’t want to be replacing every few years.
  • They allow you keep your windows open on some occasions for ventilation when it is raining. Who doesn’t love the smell of rain!
  • They shade your external walls, to prevent heat build-up in your bricks.
  • They will help make it easier for your new home to achieve a 6-star star energy rating that is required by the Victorian Government. Spending money on eaves may mean you don’t have to upgrade insulation or include more costly items like double glazed windows.

There is no question, eaves will save you time and money in the long term. They are an investment to the longevity of your home as well as contributing to your comfort and living conditions.