As mentioned in previous blogs on our website, choosing a builder is extremely hard. Especially when you consider it is possibly the largest transaction you will ever undertake.

You must feel comfortable with your decision from a financial view point, but also feel comfortable that the builder will make the process easy and won’t be hiding anything from you.

Things to ask a builder before signing a contract.

Here is an external blog that also highlights things to consider:

Checklist for hiring a home builder

Remember – price should never be the only consideration.

If you are trying to choose between several builders some people like to use a table to identify their preferred builder. Below is one possibility: – if you give each item an importance rating first – where 5 is extremely important, and 1 not so much, then put that score into the builders column that you feel best fulfils that decision. You may like to rate the other builders as less than your importance rating. The secret to this concept is that the maximum score you can give a builder is the importance rating. (There is no point in rating a builder a 5 against a decision that you consider to be a 3).

Note also that there will be aspects that aren’t on the list that you feel are important – hence the blank lines.

Decision Importance rating
(1 – 5)
Builder 1 Builder 2 Builder 3
Feel comfortable
Energy efficiency
Easy to work with
Handling of changes (Variations)
Length of time to build
Expected completion date
Use of local trades
Use of local suppliers

The outcome is that the builder that has the highest priority total score after adding up each column is the one you should probably build with – however – whatever the score – you must feel comfortable with your decision.

If you have doubts about an aspect with a builder – don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are always more than welcome to call us to ask questions on 1300 652 062.