Diverse Builders achieved an impressive 7.5-star energy rating for this new home, but that’s just part of what makes it such a warm and uplifting home to live in. Unlike most new homes, this one has history.

The four-bedroom home incorporates building materials from an original farmhouse, which was demolished to make way for the new dwelling. The recycled materials each have a story, lending memories and glorious imperfections to the new home which gives it considerable character.

Recycled features for future generations

Leadlight windows with stunning stained-glass features in the original old homestead’s door now greets those headed to the new home’s outdoor living area. That room too speaks of the past, with a rustic ceiling lined with galvanised iron.

The owners wanted a home that was practical and comfortable in meeting their current needs, but which would also be an enjoyable space for future generations to live. They have achieved that with an open-plan living, large kitchen with timber-top island bench, study, two bathrooms and verandahs to the north.

Energy efficient home designed for northern Victoria’s climate

It’s ideal northerly aspect has contributed to the home achieving its impressive energy rating, along with double glazing throughout, R2.0 insulation batts and sisalation to external walls and R3.5 to the roof area.

Making recycled materials work in a new building isn’t straight forward. Diverse Builders enjoyed that the clients lived near the building site as their new home evolved, giving them an appreciation of what was required to build their character-filled new home.