Diverse Builders constructed this architect-designed Trade Training Centre at Notre Dame College in Shepparton on time and within budget while the school was fully operational.

Early in the project our site manager discovered planned excavations would have put foundations of an adjacent basketball stadium in jeopardy. We moved the location of the new building 200mm and recalculated the depth and width of its foundations to ensure there was no potential compromise to either buildings’ stability.

The 900 square metre training centre, which features a striking suspended verandah, had a mixture of blockwork, precast panel and structural steel, requiring coordination of several different skilled tradesmen.

The building has a woodwork shop, machinery shop, mechanical shop, staff facilities and a classroom.

We fitted each of the workshops out, including the mechanical workshop which had commercial roller doors, two hoists, air hoses and power points hanging from the ceiling, and a bay with oxy acetylene facilities. The wash bay required a filtration system to prevent sludge from filling the septic system.

Skylights and laser-light panels were installed throughout to ensure the best possible access to natural light.