It’s not every day that a commercial builder constructs a prefabricated holding cell, but that was just one of unique features Diverse Builders delivered as part of the new Yarrawonga Police Station.

This building featured brickwork and four types of cladding, including natural stone. Using such a range of cladding materials also required significant attention to detail to ensure all finishes were well executed, and that joints and finished edges were clean.

The structural quality of the building, with its extensive use of steel, has ensured the building is stable and straight, and has shown no signs of movement since we finished construction in 2008.

Working on projects for Victoria Police requires effective communication, to ensure the architect and department are kept up to speed, and adhering to specialised installation procedures when installing items particular to police stations.

Our site supervisor also had safety upmost on his mind throughout the project and no time was lost due to accidents or injury.