Our step-by-step process to creating a home you will love to live in

At Diverse Builders we want you to feel comfortable and informed every step of the way as we build your new home.

1. Your Free Design Consultation

The first step is to make a time to meet with our new home consultant. You may wish to consider our range of all-inclusive standard house plans adapted to suit your individual requirements, or start from scratch and work with us to develop your very own design.

2. Your Free Concept and Estimate

Once you are happy with the design we will then discuss any changes you wish to make to the list of inclusions. We will then provide you with a free concept floor plan and front elevation, as well as an estimate to ensure we are working to your budget.

3. Your Detailed Design Plan

With your authority to proceed, our new home consultant will produce your detailed design plan which includes all external and internal elevations as well as your electrical plan. This plan allows you to easily visualise and make changes to features such as your kitchen cabinetry and bathroom vanities.

We also determine your lighting and electrical items, including placement of power points. Once you approve the final design we will provide you with an updated estimate.

Note: These plans can be used for a planning permit if required.

4. Receive your Fixed-Price Quote

Your plan is now set! The next step is a request for quotation. You can sit back and relax while we gather all your site information for details such as services, soil test and slab design, BAL assessment, survey levels and energy rating.

You will confirm your inclusions and meet with our qualified consultants to choose your colours and floor coverings. We will produce your set of construction-ready plans, project specifications, colour and tile schedules.

Based upon this documentation, we will present your written fixed-price quote. Our thorough process assures you there will be no surprises once construction begins.

5. We Sign your Contract

Following acceptance of your quote, we will put together your contract documentation. You will be provided with a draft copy of your contract prior to signing so you can ask questions and feel at ease at your contract signing meeting.

6. We Lodge your Building Permit

We will take care of your building permit and domestic building insurance. Once we receive the approved building permit, we will contact you and let you know when our site supervisor will meet you on site.

7. We Build your New Home

From your first site meeting you will be kept up to date and have scheduled site meetings with your site supervisor, who will ensure your home meets Diverse Builders’ high-quality standards.

8. We Give you your Keys

It’s time to give you the keys to your new home. In three months’ time we will contact you to see if any maintenance is required.