Choosing the right builder is one of the biggest decisions you will make if you’re planning to build a new home. Working with your builder should be a positive experience as you’ll be together for an extended period—anywhere from 12 to 24 months—from the initial contact to the end of your warranty period.

Hiring a local builder for your home build is an excellent starting point to ensure you receive the best service possible. While there are many possibilities, local builders are the ideal choice for a variety of reasons. Let’s have a look at some of these benefits in more detail.


When it comes to the integrity of local builders, many are small, family-owned businesses. They have worked hard to establish their reputation and aim to sustain it through personalised service and high-quality work. Additionally, local builders are more familiar with their clients’ lifestyles, communication styles, and preferences. As a result, they can provide more tailored services to their client base, putting you at ease and keeping you up to date with your home’s building progress.


As longtime residents and workers in the area, local builders are familiar with the region’s specific environment, features, and weather. They can plan the construction in the best way possible and assure the materials and site safety and protection.

If your region has particular regulations to be followed, your builder will already be equipped with the knowledge needed to check all the boxes and get the project underway successfully instead of having to figure it out during the build. Local builders will also understand the soil in the region. Suppose the soil in your local area isn’t compacted and is liable to shift considerably over time. In that case, your builder will likely be aware of this and will guarantee that your home foundation is rock-solid.


Driving to and from a worksite can cost significant time and fuel. If travel to your home construction site involves many hours, it will take your builder longer to arrive and complete a full day’s work. A builder who lives nearby can complete your project more quickly and at a lower cost, while also having the added benefit of using less petrol and therefore being more environmentally friendly.

Local builders are typically easier to contact than larger companies, whose regional agents are often engaged with supporting a vast area with many clients. Having your builder readily accessible ensures you can call on them for assistance. If something goes wrong, they can attend to it quickly rather than days later.


Local home builders frequently deliver greater savings owing to their trade partnerships. Builders that work with local suppliers and manufacturers know the best materials and contractors for any budget and can take advantage of these discounts. Large project builders may get better prices from vendors for bulk orders, but local builders also receive discounted rates relying on loyalty partnerships with suppliers. In addition, local builders spend fewer overheads on marketing their business, relying heavily on customer testimonials and referrals. All these factors can add up to some considerable savings by using a local home builder.


By choosing local, you will be contributing to the well-being of your local community. Many local builders will provide employment opportunities to local subcontractors and labourers and use locally manufactured products.

At Diverse Builders, we hire staff, businesses, subcontractors, and suppliers from the Goulburn and Murray regions, which generates millions of dollars for the local economy. Whenever possible, we hire tradespeople from the communities where we build. We also sponsor local community activities, such as the Shepparton Food Share and St. Joseph’s Primary School Fun Run, which benefit local individuals in need.

Choosing Diverse Builders

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