One of the most important choices that you will make when building your new home is the colour palette of your interior space. Fortunately, if you have chosen a Diverse Builders home, you will be able to bounce your ideas off and ask as many questions as you like to our qualified colour consultant to feel confident in your decisions-this service  is all included in the base price. But in the meantime, here are a few things to consider when choosing your paint colours for the interior of your home because different colours can impact the way your space looks and more importantly-how it feels.

Warm colours:

Warmer colours such as red, yellow and orange tend to be more stimulating and exciting. These can be great for areas that you need energy such as a kids playroom (if separate to sleeping area) or a gym.

Cooler colours:

Cooler tones such as blues, greens and whites are generally more calming and restful and therefore  more suited to general living spaces and bedrooms.

Light tones:

Lighter tones will reflect the light and bounce the light around giving the feeling of more space.

Darker tones:

Darker tones used on all walls can bring the walls in and create a feeling of coziness.

Which white do we choose?

Many of our clients choose one of the many shades of white for their walls and ceiling which makes perfect sense as the light bounces around creating a bright and airy feel. Different whites work best in different homes.

Cool whites are great in rooms with a lot of sun, as they have a blue or black base, and can have a neutralising effect on the natural light. Their crispness can look perfect in modern homes with minimal details and clean lines.

Warm whites with yellow, brown or red undertones can create softness and work well with organic, earthy shades so if you are going for that look in your furnishings, a warmer white will match well.

Just remember to choose colours that you love and chat with your colour consultant to get the best advice on paint colours for your specific home.