Why should you consider natural light in your home?


Natural light is not just necessary to take good photos of your sparkling new home, it’s also necessary for your wellbeing and mood with researchers suggesting sufficient natural light and being able to see outside to greenery can help to prevent depression and assist with stress. Having adequate light can also make you more productive and save you money by using less electricity.

When in the design stages of your home, window size and placement relevant to the orientation of you block is very important as we know that getting enough natural light is critical, whilst also maintaining privacy and achieving the necessary energy rating.

Sometimes, due to site limitations, an abundance of natural light can be a little tricky to achieve so here are a few other things to consider:

  • Use light colours internally-they will reflect natural light rather than absorb it giving the feeling of a brighter space.
  • Consider skylights-if your budget allows, skylights can transform a space and create a beautiful feature in your home. Visit the Numurkah showroom that features Velux sky windows, to see just how significant their effect can be.
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  • Add mirrors strategically (opposite a window) to bounce the light around and give the feeling of more light and space. Mirrored robe doors can brighten and give depth to a bedroom.
  • Include dimmer switches to mimic the effects of natural lighting, as the sun goes down, so should your bright lights. You could also use lamps and task lighting.
  • Glossy surfaces on tiles, flooring and furniture will also help to reflect the light. But a word of warning, extra gloss means extra cleaning!


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