Tips to maximise space and reduce your mortgage at the same time!

It may be unusual for a builder to suggest choosing a SMALLER floor plan or to REDUCE how much their clients spend on their new home, but at Diverse Builders, we believe that living more simply, focusing on livability and making the most of space available, has many perks for our clients.

Wasted space can include rooms that don’t get used very often, areas that are larger than necessary, or rooms that don’t serve a function. Some of the benefits that can be seen by minimising wasted space include:

  • Reduce costs-apart from reducing the cost of the build and therefore reducing that 30-year debt over your shoulders, having a home with wasted space increases heating & cooling expenditure and costs more to decorate and furnish. We also tend to buy more ‘things’ that we don’t need to fill up any additional space-including storage.
  • Minimise cleaning-The less space there is, the less maintenance and cleaning that must be done. Even if wasted rooms are not used very often, they will require upkeep.
  • More space outdoors-reducing the footprint of your home will increase the space available outside or even allow you to choose a smaller block.
  • Prevent isolation-It is easy to become isolated within our own home if there are too many spaces available to retreat to. Some may say that technology has already reduced our ability to connect with each other, so isolating our physical selves as well may only contribute further.

There are a few common areas to watch out for when trying to minimise wasted space in your home that include:

  • The grand entry-it’s likely you won’t spend a lot of time in this area as many plans now offer internal garage access. When considering the ‘feel’ of your home, guests may be more impacted by the beautiful kitchen or entertaining areas rather than the entry they spent a short moment in. Mirrors and other styling can create that special welcoming ‘feel’ rather than having to add significant floor space.
  • Formal living/dining areas-will they be used frequently or are they just there to look pretty? If you look at them in terms of their expense, are they worth the additional $20K or so to have one?
  • Oversize bedrooms-the luxurious sofa may be an expensive clothes horse!
  • Too many bedrooms-will guests frequent your home, and do they need their own bedroom, or can your study/gym have the flexibility to be used for guests by including a sofa bed or even concealing a bed in the wall?
  • Lengthy or multiple hallways-is there a smarter way to design the home that is free flowing rather than connecting rooms via a hall?

So why not put those extra bucks into your kids schooling, a holiday or just back into your mortgage and work with the Diverse Builders team to include some innovative & practical space saving ideas into your dream home.

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