Making the most of your colour selection appointment

One of the most exciting times in the lead up to building your new home is the colour selection appointment where all the colours and finishes of your new home are chosen to reflect you and your personal style. This is where the difference between building and buying an established home really becomes clear, as building from scratch allows for so much more diversity and individuality than having to live with what someone else has selected for themselves.
During the colour consultation, our qualified interior designer will walk you through the selections, generally starting from the outside including roof, windows, bricks or cladding and moving to the inside including paint, flooring, joinery and other features. Of course, our designer will offer you loads of advice and help, but ultimately, it will be you making the final decisions. For this reason, it pays to be prepared so we have listed a few ideas to help you with this process.

1. Research
The number one thing that will allow you to sail through the selection process is being well researched about the style of home you like, the colours and finishes you like and the overall look you are trying to achieve. Flick through magazines or websites such as come into our showroom and go through the photo books or drive around to see different homes to start getting a clear image of what you want. Viewing different brick colours on actual houses around the area can give a different perspective than viewing from the sample board. Take note of the little things such as the gutter colour against the roof or the front door colour.

2. Be Prepared
Make sure that you have a good look over the specifications included in your quote and highlight any items that you may want to upgrade such as the joinery finishes. Understanding what you want to upgrade ensures you get the best value as it can be more expensive to change the product once construction begins due to the advanced ordering process. Please note, that the internet and magazines are great for inspiration but often do highlight the more expensive products and finishes which may not agree with your budget!

3. Ask questions
Your new home consultant is always here to answer any questions that you may have, and your interior designer will be a wealth of knowledge during your colour selection appointment. Make sure you write down any questions you have prior and bring them in with you.

4. Have fun!
Being prepared can allow you to enjoy the experience and have confidence in your decision making. After all, no one knows your style better than you! Rest assured that our interior designer will bring out the best of your ideas and allow it all to come together seamlessly. Now the real fun begins watching it all come together before your eyes.