Time, Cost & Quality are the three components that actually make up the construction of your new home.

Time – Time, in construction, is analysed down to its smallest detail. The amount of time required to complete each and every component of a project is analysed. Once analysis has taken place, those components are broken down even further into the time required to do each task. Obviously from all of this we are able to estimate the duration of the project as well as the personnel and equipment required.

Cost – Resources always cost money so the two are interchangeable in many ways. When we talk about the cost of a project, we are talking about what needs to be applied or assigned to building of your new home in terms of money and effort in order to make things happen.This can be resources like manpower, machinery and materials. These could be owned directly by the builder,or be in the form of contractors and external suppliers.

Quality – There are many components to quality however one particularly important one is the scope of a project (often called the Scope of Work or Specifications). This is a clear, specific statement as to what has been agreed to be preformed/achieved in building your new home. In other words – the contract, specifications and the drawings that you have signed.

When you consider that Time, Cost and Quality are the three key components that make up the construction of your new home, it is extremely important that the builder can perform in every aspect of this, as they are all mutually exclusive. Poor performance in one has ramifications to the others. For example, if quality slips during the building process, then the ‘fix ups’ at the end can delay you moving in to your new home, and cost the builder extra money. It can also cost you extra money if you need to pay rent for longer, or interest on any loans.

Also if there is something missing in your scope of works, or left as a TBA, then there is the potential to add unexpected costs to the project.

Not all builders are equal. A seamless integration of Time, Cost and Quality is imperative to a great experience, and a home that will stand the test of time.

At Diverse Builders our core values are centred on Time, Cost & Quality.