Builders relieve the stress in building your new home.


To reduce stress, let the builder handle this area. This is their responsibility and again in their best interest to get all applicable permits.

Construction meeting

Set up a schedule to have construction meetings with your builder that fit your schedule. Having open and effective communication will help reduce stress in this area.


Anytime there is an inspection, ask the builder for an update to let you know how the inspection went and any changes that were needed.

Set realistic construction milestones

We all want to finish new home construction quickly, but work with the builder to set realistic milestones.

Guard your budget

A project this large can creep over budget and cause you stress. Plan a small contingency fund for errors into your budgeting. However, also be aware of the cost of every decision you make. If you budgeted for laminate countertops but go with granite after seeing the kitchen roughed in, you have gone over budget. Therefore working closely with your builder before contracts are signed is imperative.